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Sep. 20th, 2017 08:36 pm
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Depression is a perfectly rational response to current events.

the mask slips.

Sep. 14th, 2017 09:07 pm
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The past couple of weeks have been filled with interviews for the two remaining candidates. Phone interviews, then in-person interviews, then video calls with the journal editor. I've tried not to talk work stuff here because it's not terribly interesting, but now I want to vent.

I think that I've mentioned already that both candidates could do the basic job. There are some important differences, though. Candidate #1's main strength is that she's very enthusiastic. She has no experience in writing, editing, or publishing and no experience in the journal subject. Candidate #2 has a master's degree in engineering plus a Ph.D. in science and society (her dissertation was about low-cost preventable blindness technologies, chiefly in India). She is currently guest editing a special issue of a sociology journal, so she understands academic publishing and has done most of the steps (soliciting, writing, peer review).

Each candidate interviewed with three people besides me when they came to the office. Three of four thought candidate #2 was better, above and beyond having more credentials and experience. The fourth person thought they were equally suitable.

The journal editor has favored candidate #1 since the resume stage, but I wasn't prepared for how different he was with each candidate. With #1, he was friendly and forthcoming about the journal and his hopes for this new position. He gently declined all of her ideas but told me that she has the "spark" he thinks is necessary for the job. With #2, he was aggressive and confrontational from the beginning. He didn't talk about the journal or the job but instead asked her "what do you think that you bring to this position?" She mentioned that she knows some people working in a subfield, and he asked her to name some of the top people in that field. She declined and said she'd ask one of the people she knows. In short, he bullied her, which made her more nervous and unsure than she'd been with us in the office.

The journal editor decided that candidate #2 was "lying" about her expertise and has said that he can't work with her. I argued with him, pointing out she's better qualified and has more experience, but he said it would be a mistake to hire her. He actually got angry at me. I've always known that he has the capacity to be a bully, but he has always hidden it behind a mask of patriarchal benevolence. But in that brief instance, the mask slipped, and his ugliness was in full view.

Not only is candidate #2 more qualified, she's also part of an underrepresented group in science (and, just as a woman, in engineering). Hiring candidate #1 on the basis of "spark" despite her lack of hard credentials, especially over a very strong minority candidate, seems to me to be begging to be sued for discrimination. Yet that's what my boss is currently contemplating. And, because I am a nice person and not an asshole, I've said that I can work with either candidate (although of course candidate #1 is going to need *a lot* more training).

So in all likelihood the bully will get his way, and my organization will be (legitimately) vulnerable to an accusation of racism. A stellar turnout, all around.

My shrink is not happy about this, but I'm going to say something to the journal editor about how he was unfair to candidate #2. It won't be anything big and obnoxious; in fact, it'll be something that can have multiple meanings, like "I saw how you treated candidate 2, and I won't forget it." He'll probably say, "good, that's how you should deal with people like that." In other words, saying something to him won't do anything to him, but calling out a bully will make me feel a whole lot better.

Tattoos, Hair, and Books

Sep. 8th, 2017 04:47 pm
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So since we've chatted, I've been a blonde (below) and am now a redhead (above). In the span of a week, no less. I got inspired while watching Game of Thrones (I'm on Season 4 so no spoilers, please) by all the beautiful reds, particularly my favorite, Melisandre. I'm also growing my pixie cut back out so that's fun (insert sarcasm). I thought trying to grow a pixie out was bad but growing out a buzzcut is pretty awful, too.

Side note, my new favorite treat is Orange Sherbet and Sierra Mist

I had a wonderful 36th birthday last week. It was wonderful as in the best birthday I've ever had. I was showered with sugar treats, pumpkin everything, two cakes, a massage, concert tickets, and a new tattoo. Speaking of, I went back to Shannon at Black Arrow, and she blew me away again. I had her do the Woodruff-Fontaine House in Memphis which is where Kelly and I were married. It's so beautiful, special, and itchy right now. Hah. I want to go back and see Shannon again in October.
I can't stop, and she does the best work.

Embracing my fat girl arms and planning on having them eventually partially covered with half sleeves if that's a thing? I just want both upper arms covered.

Kelly and I are getting ready to spend a night at the
Lemp Mansion in St. Louis next week (we've got a doctor's appointment). I'm really excited. We're staying in the Lavender Suite which looks beautiful. It's supposedly haunted, but I don't believe in that kind of thing unless I have an experience. I'm more excited about the history and how beautiful it is. I was talking to my Grandma recently, and when I mentioned the hotel, she said every Sunday after church, her and my Grandfather would go to the restaurant in the basement for their fried chicken dinner. They still serve it there family style, but it won't be a Sunday so we won't get to try that.

The weather has been ridiculously amazing lately here. It's been fall like, and I'm loving it. I got to wear these Hush Puppies for the first time that I found super cheap at the thrift last year. I love them. They make me feel ass kicking and feminine. They also remind me of the 90's. I found the same style in red that were on sale s
o I will soon own them in red! I want them in every color and pattern. Hmph. I'm going to have to eventually invest in some more. Does anyone have any sworn by suede protector that I should use?

In other recent, consumer news, I finally found a Halloween banner and ordered it! I really have wanted one for my kitchen to leave up year round because, hello, it's always Halloween in my heart. I thought this one was perfect from
Bedlam Supply Co., and they had a sale going on, too. 


  • I just recently remembered when that when I was a kid in St. Louis, I would get crazy excited eating on the floating McDonald's boat down by the Arch so I googled it and found this article reminiscing.  I then started thinking of how excited I would get to go to Famous Barr for Breakfast with Santa.  I have to get this book , this one about lost St. Louis treasures (which features the McDonald's boat), and maybe this one too that looks like a Roadside America book on St. Louis. I consider the south my home now, but I do still have a lot of deep memories of the city I was born/have spent so much time in.
  • I have a massage scheduled for tonight for the first time in forever, and I can't tell you how excited I am about it!  
  • Hair Chronicles:  I always have hair chronicles, you all.  I want to keep the top longer/grow out my pixie, but I'm about to shave up the sides. I'm stewing on it and staring at pictures of bad ass women with short hair to inspire me, as always.  Stay tuned.  If someone doesn't like my hair, I always say, "Wait a week."  
  • I finished Twin Peaks.  Overall, I loved it, but the last episode I had feelings about.  I wasn't really a fan of that last episode (last five minutes especially), but I'm sad Twin Peaks is done forever.  It will always be one of my favorite shows.  


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